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Are you ready to transform your business, push innovation, and contribute to a more sustainable world?

The training Going Circular, will lead the way to unlock the potential of circular economy and to be at the forefront of change.

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Get everybody on board

Moving from a linear to a circular economy is a big step that everyone needs to be included in. With insight and belief from everyone, the step will be easier to take. We help you get everyone on board on this journey towards sustainability.

Waste no more

In a circular economy, waste is just a resource in the wrong place. We will guide and equip you with tools to eliminate the take-make-waste economy and implement circular economy principles in your organisation, demonstrating how to bring waste back in the loop as new products for extended use.

Benefit your business

Circular economy is about finding new ways to make better use of our planet's gifts, where everything has value, and nothing is wasted. In this training you'll learn how to rethink, redesign, and regenerate your business processes, products, and services, to create a positive impact on the planet – and the bottom line.

circular economy training

going circular

In a world facing unprecedented environmental challenges and resource scarcity, a circular economy stands as a beacon of hope. It's a strategy that empowers businesses to thrive while minimizing waste and environmental impact.

This training will give you a clear understanding of what the circular economy is and why we need to act. You will also get insight and tools to decide HOW to act. Above all, the training highlights the opportunities and benefits of the transition towards circularity and sets focus on how to reduce waste, optimise resources, and tap into new business opportunities that align with the sustainability goals of the 21st century.

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Circular economy presents a lot of business opportunities such as sharing solutions, Take-back, Product as a Service and more.
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Not ready for Circular Economy yet?

Introduction to sustainability

Maybe you want to get the full picture first and explore what sustainability really means.

In this training you explore the core principles of sustainability, highlighting the importance of sustainability in addressing global challenges and inspiring participants to take an active role in building a brighter, more sustainable future.

The training covers sustainability from the three perspectives of sustainability: economic, social and environmental view.

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about relearning

A collaboration – Stena Circular Consulting and Involve

The Relearning platform is a collaboration between Stena Circular Consulting’s expertise in Circular Economy and Involve's competence and long experience in corporate learning, internal communication, change communication, and employee engagement.

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the inner circle

Knowledge sharing – business perspective

To address the needs, challenges and opportunities facing businesses today, we have organised Inner Circle meetings with some of Sweden's most successful companies. They have shared their knowledge and experience to make sure to align the content with a business perspective. We believe we need to make the journey towards circularity together.

Get inspired by ASSA ABLOY and Husqvarna Group
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We are curious about your needs

Maybe you would like to talk about sustainability or maybe you see what possibilities there are to customise content for your company? Don't hesitate to reach out!

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Prepare your team to go circular

Are you a small business or want to reach a specific target group? Then the individual access through the Relearning platform is perfect for you. Or if you want a customised learning experience, we can brand and include content and cases specifically designed for your company.


Individual access

Are you a small business or just want to reach a specific target group? The individual access through the Relearning platform is perfect for you.

5 licenses SEK 12,000/year
1 license SEK 4,500/year


Basic SCORM version

Want to start right away? The basic version is ready to be implemented in your Learning Management System with your logo and a branded menu.


Bespoke SCORM version

Want a customized learning experience? We can brand Going Circular and include content and cases specifically designed for your company.

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